Brighten teeth that have lost their sparkle. Treat discoloured, stained or aging teeth with our state of the art whitening process.

The whitening can be completed in just one visit or you can choose a system that can be completed at home. A dazzling smile is not just for celebrities anymore! It’s for you because you’re worth it!

Teeth whitening is the process of removing stains from the surface of the teeth to make them whiter and brighter. Teeth become discoloured over time due to aging, diet and oral habits. Smoking, red wine, coffee, tea and certain medications can cause staining.

Modern whitening procedures and techniques, supervised by your dentist, can have a dramatic effect on your smile. The process truly whitens the tooth enamel within. Once you have decided to whiten your teeth, your dentist will require a couple of appointments to begin treatment. At the first appointment, a clinician will discuss the different whitening techniques available to you.

Expected treatment outcomes, benefits, and risks of whitening will be reviewed. You will be given written information and a consent form to read and sign. A shade of the current colour of your teeth will be recorded and impressions will be taken.From these impressions, the technician will fabricate custom fitting whitening trays for use with an “at home” whitening system.

These trays can also be used in conjuction with the “in office” method and for future “touch ups”. The custom trays allow for the use of more effective agents than are available over the counter.The second appointment will include checking your custom fit trays.

Written and verbal instructions will be given and you will also receive a demonstration on the use of your kit. If you have chosen the “in office” method, a registered hygienist will also proceed with the whitening at this time.

Treatment time will vary depending on the amount of existing discolouration and if sensitivity is experienced. This sensitivity is usually mild and can be resolved. Your dentist will have suggestions to help reduce any discomfort.

It is recommended that whitening be done in a healthy mouth and before esthetic restorations are done. We suggest waiting 2 weeks. Existing restorations will not whiten. You may wish to have them replaced to match your new tooth shade.

Whitening is not an exact science and results will vary from person to person. This depends on starting shade, habits, and compliance. Some people using professional home whitening kits will notice obvious whitening after the first 3 to 4 days and have periods during treatment without visible change. Others cannot see changes for many days of treatment.

We suggest patience and review of instructions or complimentary in office shade monitoring

We are always available to answer questions. Let us know when you’re ready to dazzle your smile!

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