A Biteguard is an appliance fabricated from acrylic to cover the biting surfaces of the teeth.  Although biteguards can be soft or hard, and cover either the upper or lower teeth, their function is to prevent the biting surfaces of the teeth from coming into contact and thereby preventing grinding or breaking of dental restorations and teeth.  Biteguards are prescribed to prevent further destruction of teeth for people who are grinding their teeth, and are also used in many cases after a large number of crowns or other restorations have been placed on the teeth, to prevent the destruction of the newly fabricated restorations. Although a biteguard is usually worn during sleeping hours, your dentist may also prescribe it to be worn during the day, depending on your specific situation.

What to do after your get your biteguard

• You get maximum benefits from a biteguard by wearing it regularly during sleep.

• Tolerance for wearing the appliance increases with regular wear.

• If you are experiencing new or worsening symptoms, let us know, you may need further adjustments.

Some patients awaken with a feeling that their teeth are not fitting or biting together normally, this usually resolves itself quickly each day. If not, return for an adjustment.

• Do not wear the appliance 24 hours a day.
• If you have been prescribed an IMPACT/DUAL style appliance, we recommend warming up the interior by holding the bite guard under hot running water before inserting it into the mouth. This will increase wearing comfort and fit.
• To keep your appliance hygienic and clean, brush it with toothpaste and rinse well after each use. If you notice stain occurring, you can use baking soda toothpaste. Some patients will develop tartar and stain on their appliance, you may use commercially available cleansing tablets.
• Store the bite guard, dry in the container provided.
• Keep your appliances out of the reach of pets.
• Inspect your bite guard regularly for cracking, chipping, breakage, and wear. Return with the appliance and your models if you should notice any deterioration.
• Bring your bite guard with you to all restorative appointments, it may require adjusting, refitting, or remaking, depending on the extent of the dental treatment that was performed.
• If an appliance has not been worn for an extended time, it may require adjustments to refit it or it may need to be remade.
• Please store your dental study models in a safe place.

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