It has been estimated that somewhere between 30-50% of the population avoids going to the dentist due to fear.
Fear has no limits; it doesn’t discriminate against age, sex, or race.

Visiting the dentist can be an anxiety-ridden and frustrating experience for many people. These feelings most likely have developed from unpleasant dental experiences that you have had in the past, maybe even as a child.

Dr. Van Ryswyk offers her patients conscious oral sedation dentistry in her practice in an effort to comfort all patients during their dental experience. Conscious oral sedation is a combination of relaxation medications taken to help you to achieve a very relaxed, comfortable, safe, environment during your dental experience.

Advantages to having your dental treatment performed with oral sedation:
•   Decreased anxiety
•   Ability to do more dentistry at one visit
•   Great for busy patients
•   Dentistry performed while in a “dream-like” state
•   Usually less freezing required
•   No general anaesthetic
•   Less post-operative discomfort
•   Little or no memory of the appointment
•   Great for patients who have difficulty staying open for long periods of time

Most patients feel as though they have slept through their appointment when in fact they been in a “dream-like” state, able to breath on their own and able to respond to verbal and physical stimuli throughout the appointment.
Your safety is our priority, so our specially trained team will monitor you continually throughout the appointment and best of all you will have little or no memory of the visit!

At our dental office we understand and appreciate your special dental and emotional needs and offer you the compassion to help you
achieve your dental care in an environment that meets your needs.

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